Introducing bodySLAM™, the world’s first 2D-to-3D motion capture technology:

bodySLAM™ is:

  • An automated human motion capture system that takes 2D video and outputs 3D skeletonal animation data.

  • A cloud-based solution that combines computer vision (deep learning through convolutional neural networks), game technology and GPU computing.

  • A software-as-a-service (SaaS) for digital entertainment companies looking to build AR products that integrate user-generated motion capture.


About wrnch

wrnch is a computer vision software company based in Montreal, Canada. Working with leading digital entertainment companies, wrnch helps partners deliver amazing augmented reality applications through cutting-edge deep learning and game engine technology. The wrnch team has a wide range of skills, from hard-core C++ game development to computer vision engineering. A post-revenue startup, wrnch was founded by a successful serial visual computing entrepreneur and is supported by knowledgeable and pragmatic investors including Mark Cuban.

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